Volunteer Committees

If you're interested in serving on a GNIAR or MLS committee or taskforce, please email getinvolved@gniar.com.

Include the title of the committee/taskforce(s) you’re interested in as the subject line. 


GNIAR Elections Committee

The Elections Committee is tasked with requesting applications for candidacy from the GNIAR general membership for open GNIAR Board of Directors Officers and Directors positions.

At least three months prior to the annual election, a committee of seven REALTOR® members is appointed by the GNIAR President with the approval of the Board of Directors. The Immediate Past President of the Association serves as chairperson.

Meeting Schedule: 1 to 2 times prior to election

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Finance Committee

The Finance Committee compiles the GNIAR and GNIAR/MLS annual operational and capital budgets for presentation to the GNIAR and GNIAR/MLS Boards of Directors. The committee determines the means and provides oversight to an appropriate long-term investment strategy for the organization’s reserves. It is also responsible for initiating a financial audit as necessary as well as making any recommendations for appropriate financial policies for inclusion in the GNIAR and GNIAR/MLS Policy and Procedures Manuals.

The committee is made up of a total of fifteen members including the following: GNIAR Treasurer (chairperson), GNIAR/MLS Treasurer (vice chairperson), GNIAR President, GNIAR/MLS President, GNIAR President-Elect, GNIAR/MLS President-Elect, GNIAR Immediate Past Treasurer, GNIAR/MLS Immediate Treasurer, GNIAR Immediate Past President and GNIAR/MLS Immediate Past President. Five members-at-large are appointed annually by the GNIAR and GNIAR/MLS Presidents. GNIAR’s CEO and Director of Finance serve on the committee in an ex-officio capacity.

Committee member terms run from January 1 to December 31.

Meeting Schedule: Quarterly

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Forms Committee

The Forms Committee reviews suggestions and comments GNIAR members have regarding the Indiana Association of REALTORS® (IAR) library of Indiana real estate contract forms through ZipForms®. Indiana real estate forms are reviewed annually by IAR’s attorneys and members of the IAR Forms Committee which includes REALTORS® from throughout the state representing their local associations.

Prior to the annual meeting of the IAR Forms Committee, GNIAR’s Forms Committee solicits input on the current IAR Forms. GNIAR’s Forms Committee reviews all recommendations received by members and determines recommendations for possible change to the GNIAR Board of Directors. Upon approval of the GNIAR Board of Directors, the committee submits the recommendations to IAR’s Forms Committee.

Meeting Schedule: Annually and as needed

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Governmental Affairs Committee

Government Affairs Committee advocates for local, state and national policy initiatives that protect the interests of GNIAR members and the Northwest Indiana real estate industry. Members of the committee assist in developing, cultivating and maintaining relationships with local, state and federal elected officials as well as like-minded civic, community and business organizations. Any GNIAR member or Affiliate member interested in the governmental aspects of promoting the preservation of the right to own, use, and transfer real property are encouraged to join.

Meeting Schedule: Quarterly and as needed

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Member Involvement Committee

The Member Involvement Committee is a newly formed committee that will focus on getting members more involved in various aspects of the Association including committees, leadership, events, community outreach, etc.

Meeting Schedule: As needed

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RPAC Committee

The GNIAR RPAC Committee is comprised of members who develop and implement creative strategies specific to raising funds from voluntary investments in RPAC from GNIAR REALTOR® and Affiliate members for use in supporting national, state and local candidates who have been identified as being pro-REALTOR®. These funds are not member dues but rather money given freely by REALTOR® members who recognize the importance of helping to fund campaigns of those who can help bring “our voice to the table” in support of issues important to the real estate profession and industry.

Any GNIAR REALTOR® or Affiliate member is encouraged to join. The committee meets upon a call by the Chair but typically not more than once every other month.

Meeting Schedule: Bi-monthly or as needed

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RPAC Trustees

The REALTORS® Political Action Committee Trustees are responsible for endorsing pro-REALTOR® candidates seeking office in Northwest Indiana. Each Trustee is expected to have an interest in the issues and political climate of the area they represent.

The RPAC Trustees is comprised of trained RPAC investor GNIAR REALTOR® or Affiliate members who have a history of being engaged in the political process, are unbiased and represent various communities and unincorporated areas throughout the GNIAR territory.

RPAC Trustee members serve a three term (four years if a term includes a non-election year) and are appointed by the GNIAR President. Each member must participate in ½ day training and commit to being available for candidate interviews for both the spring and fall election cycles. The number of daylong interviews is dependent on the number of candidates filing for election and the number of “hotly” contested races as determined by the Trustees.

Meeting Schedule: Approximately four times annually

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Young Professionals Network

GNIAR’s Young Professionals Network Committee oversees the association’s Young Professionals Network and its efforts throughout the year. The committee determines what social events, educational seminars/workshops, philanthropic efforts and the like YPN will host locally throughout the year.

YPN is geared toward REALTOR® and Affiliate members under 40-years-old, however all are welcome. Its mission is to help young professionals excel in their careers by giving them the tools and encouragement to become involved in four core areas: REALTOR® Associations, real estate industry, peers and community.

Meeting Schedule: As needed

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Governing Committee

The Governing Committee is tasked with reviewing and updating the association’s governance process, including the association’s bylaws, to serve both present and future needs.


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MLS Hearing Panel

The GNIAR/MLS Hearing Panel exists to hear matters of violations of the GNIAR/MLS rules and regulations by Participants and their subscribers in instances where an assessed fine is being challenged.

The committee is appointed by the GNIAR/MLS President and subject to confirmation by the GNIAR/MLS Board of Directors. The panel is comprised of twelve board members in good standing which includes the GNIARMLS Immediate Past President (chair), Participants and no more than two MLS subscribers. Appointments are made in staggered three year terms, after which a Participant/Subscriber is eligible for reappointment after a one year period.

The individual hearing panels will be convened and comprised of five Participants/Subscribers including the chairperson (seeing as there is no conflict) who will select the panel from the committee.

Meeting Schedule: Annually and as needed

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MLS Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee selects a proposed slate of Officer(s) and Director(s) for the GNIAR/MLS Board of Directors from Participant and subscriber submissions. The committee strives to achieve geographical diversity and balanced representation among firms.

At least three months prior to the Annual Participants’ Meeting, the GNIAR/MLS President appoints no more than five GNIAR/MLS Participants (includes GNIAR/MLS Immediate Past President as chair) to the committee.

Meeting Schedule: 1 to 2 times prior to election

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