Become a REALTOR® Member

Do you have your Indiana Real Estate license, affiliated yourself with a Managing Broker and are now looking to join your local association and become a REALTOR®?

Your Managing Broker has opted to join the REALTOR® Association. By choosing to hold REALTOR® membership all active IN licensees associated with the Managing Broker must be accounted for.

REALTOR® membership is optional. If you choose not to obtain REALTOR® membership or provide a letter of good standing from a board of REALTORS®, your Managing Broker’s Designated REALTOR® dues obligation will be increased to reflect you as a non-member licensee. It is encouraged that you communicate with your Managing Broker regarding REALTOR® membership.

When a member joins through NIRA (local board) it provides REALTOR® membership to the Indiana Association of REALTORS® (IAR)® and the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR).

Below is a road map to help you through the process if you are an agent newly associated with a NIRA member office:

1. Complete the NIRA Application (including managing broker’s signature)

2. Sign Acknowledgement – Mandatory Training Document

* Join Date and Course Deadline will be provided by NIRA staff after document submission

* Refer to New Member Education Requirements

3. Complete pages #1 and #5 of the SentriSmart (Sentrilock) Sub-Lease Agreement (User Agreement)

4. Submit completed documents to

Crossing the border from Illinois into Indiana?

Questions? Submit your message to the Membership Services Department.

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Meet your NIRA Welcome Staff

Matisha Gossett
Director of Membership Services